Fingerprinting Chicago - Services

Working Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00AM to 4:45PM

No Appointment Necessary

A Biometrics Fingerprinting U S Photo
210 South Clark Street
at Clark and Adams
The Clark Adams Building
Ground Level - Lobby
Chicago, IL 60603
Ph: 312-782-8144 / 312-782-8143

Payment Options
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Official and Authorized Live Scan Fingerprinting Vendor
City of Chicago, IL State, FBI, Illinois Dept of Financial and Prof. Regulation, City of Chicago Business Affairs Consumer Protection, Illinois department of public health, Early Intervention, Illinois Dept of Human Services, Illinois Secretary of State School Bus Drivers & many more agencies

Medical Marijuana Approved Vendor - Live Scan Fingerprinting & Background Checks for Illinois Dept of Agriculture / Illinois Dept of Public Health

Black Ink Rollover Fingerprinting - Only $15 Each Card
We come to your location for an additional charge.
Mobile Fingerprinting services available!

LIVE SCAN Background Check IL State & FBI
LiveScan UCIA IL State, IL State Name Check Inquiry

IDFPR Applicant FBI & IL St Background Check

Physician Licenses, Registered Professional Nurse (RN), Chiropractors, Private Detective, PERC Security Guards, Adam Walsh Act, Natl Child Protection Act, Concealed Carry, Bank Charters, Vehicle Dealer Licenses & many more licenses

Other Services Available
Biometric Digital Color Passport Photos
Visa & Immigration Photos - Any Size/Over 195 Countries
Notary Public $ 1 and up

Our Livescan Fingerprint Equipment is certified by IL State Police & the FBI. Providing LiveScan Fingerprinting & Background Check For The City Of Chicago Business Affairs Protection Agency & IL Department Of Financial and Professional Regulation and Many More Agencies

A Biometrics Fingerprinting U S Photo

210 S Clark St.
at Adams & Clark
The Clark Adams Building
Ground Level - Lobby
Chicago IL, 60603

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 4:45PM
No Appointment Necessary
In & Out, Under 15 Minutes
Ph: 312-782-8143 / 312-782-8144

Nearest Transit:
Monroe CTA (Blue, Red)
Adams/Wabash CTA (Orange, Brown, Purple
Express, Green, Pink)
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Parking: Street, Garage

Live Scan Services

We provide Live Scan Background Checks for the following purposes:

Reason for InquiryOur FeePurpose CodeReporting NCIC Issued ORIFBI Access
Federal Laws
Adam Walsh Act (employee)$60AWAMultipleYes
Adam Walsh Act (volunteer)$60AWVMultipleYes
Medicare Medicaid Vendors$60MWVIL920600ZYes
National Child Protection Act$60NCPMultipleYes
National Child Protection Act Volunteer$60VCAMultipleYes
State Laws
Access and Review
Access and Review$40ILLACCRV0No
Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
Cannabis Cultivation Centers$60ACCIL920716ZYes
Cannabis Dispensing Agent$60DOAIL920715ZYes
Cannabis Craft Growers$60ACGIL920716ZYes
Cannabis Infuser$60ACIIL920716ZYes
Cannabis Transporter$60ACTIL920716ZYes
Chiropractic License$60CHIIL920704ZYes
Chiropractic License by Endorsement$60CLEIL920704ZYes
Children, Family and Adoption Services
Private Adoption Applicants$60PADDCFS IL920030ZYes
Early Intervention Services$40EISILL13612SNo
Conceal Carry
Firearm Concealed Carry Instructors$60CCIIL920707ZYes
Firearm Concealed Carry$60CCWIL920707ZYes
Health Care Inquiries
Health Care Nursing Home Resident Check$40 MultipleNo
Health Care Worker Background Check Act$40HCWILNHPP09ZNo
Health Care Nursing Home Resident Check - Identified Offender Program$60RNPIL920701ZYes
Illinois Racing Licensing$60RCBIL92020ZYes
Local Government Employees
Chicago Navy Pier/Expo Center$60LGEILL13337SYes
City/Village Employees-Licensing$60LGEMultipleYes
Fire Fighters$60FMNMultipleYes
Medical School Matriculants
Public School Matriculants$60MSMMultipleYes
Private School Matriculants$40MultipleNo
Medical Marijuana
Cannabis Cultivation Agent$60CCAIL920710ZYes
Cannabis Dispensing Agent$60CDAIL920711ZYes
Bank Charter (Management Staff), Pawn Brokers$60BCAIL920550ZYes
Carnival and Amusement Rides Safety Act$40ILUFP000No
Executive Clemency$60PRBIL084045GYes
Explosive Licenses$60DMMIL920500ZYes
Humane Euthansia$60HEAIL920650ZYes
Liquor License Applicant$60LIQMultipleYes
Massage Therapists$60MTHIL920680ZYes
Mental Health Applicant$60MHAMultipleYes
Military/National Guard Background Checks$40ASFMultipleNo
Public Adjuster Licensee$60PALIL920702ZYes
Public Housing Applicant$60PHAMultipleYes
Pyrotechnic Distributor Act$60PDAIL920690ZYes
Licensed Practical Nurse$60LPNIL920630ZYes
Registered Professional Nurse$60RPNIL920630ZYes
Licensed Medication Aide$60LMAIL920630ZYes
Park Districts
Chicago Park District$60PKDILL03841SYes
Park District Employees$60PKDMultipleYes
Physician's License$60PHYIL920704ZYes
Physician License by Endorsement$60PLEIL920704ZYes
Private Security, Locksmith, Fingerprint Vendor
Live Scan Fingerprint Vendor$60LFVIL920020ZYes
Private Alarm Contractor$60PACIL920020ZYes
Private Detective$60PSAIL920020ZYes
Private Security Contractor$60PSCIL920020ZYes
Security Guards$60SECIL920020ZYes
Real Estate Appraisers
State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser$60GRAIL920712ZYes
State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser$60RRAIL920712ZYes
Associate Real Estate Trainee Appraiser$60ARAIL920712ZYes
State Employees
Employee of Any State Agency$60STEMultipleYes
School Inquiries
Certified School Employee$60CSEMultipleYes
General Education$60EDCMultipleYes
Non-Certified School Employee$60NSEMultipleYes
School Bus Driver$60SBDMultipleYes
Sports Wagering
Master Sports Wagering License$60MSWIL0169Y00Yes
Occupational License$60SWOIL0169Y00Yes
Supplier License$60SWSIL0169Y00Yes
Management Services Provider License$60MSPIL0169Y00Yes
Tier 2 Official League Data Provider License$60LDPIL0169Y00Yes
Central System Provider License$60CSPIL0169Y00Yes
Vehicle Services
Charter Bus Driver$60CBDMultipleYes
Commercial Transportation Vehicle Relocator$60CTVIL920510ZYes
Drivers Training Instructor$60DTIIL920620ZYes
Recovery Permit Licensee$60RPLIL920510ZYes
Secretary of State Employees$60SOSIL920060ZYes
Tow Truck Company$60TTCMultipleYes
Tow Truck Driver$60TTDMultipleYes
Vehicle Dealer Licenses$60VDSIL920660ZYes
Wholesale Drug Distributor Act
Third Party Logistics Provider$60TPLIL920717ZYes

Fingerprinting Services / Black Ink Rollover

For clients within our Chicago area, fingerprinting services are available at our locations at any time during our operating hours with no appointment necessary. Usual in and out times are no more than fifteen minutes.

Our fee for fingerprinting is $15.00 per card. We are pleased to offer on location services for additional charges and maintain many corporate and executive accounts.

We provide Photos for Visa, Citizenship, Green Card, Passport, Immigration, Re-Entry Permit, Gun License - Fire Arms.

We also provide Photos for Canadian Passport and Immigration or any other foreign Immigration or Visa purposes and notary services.

Here are just few purposes for which fingerprinting is essential for you and your organization's safety and security:

Federal Background Check (FD258 Card)
Illinois State Card
Multi State Licenses
Real State
CPA & Bar Exam
Security Clearance
Student Teaching
Canadian Citizenship
Foreign Country Immigration
Child Care
Any other State Fingerprint Cards
Homeland Security / Border Patrol / Any Federal Government Job
Liquor Licenses for any State
Horse Racing Licenses for any State
TSA School (Training Pilots)
Training Pilots for Palwaukee Flyers Training Center

Identification Required
Bring a valid government-issued ID

(Drivers License, State ID, Passport, Military ID)
Only one form of ID is needed.

A Biometrics Fingerprinting U S Photo Inc.
Illinois Fingerprint Vendor Agency - 262.000007